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Northern Michigan’s Premier Tree Service Company.

  • Hazardous Tree Removal

    Looking to get rid of unwanted trees at your home or business? Leave it to the pros at BB’s Tree Service for all your tree removal needs- BIG and small!

    Our Tree Removal May Include:
    • Unwanted Trees
    • Problem Trees
    • Diseased Trees
    • Trees in Excessively Shady Areas
    • Overgrown Trees
    • Cluttered or Thin Tree Sections
    • Trees Dangerous to People & Property
  • Tree Trimming

    BB’s Tree Service trim all types and sizes of trees, clearing out unwanted limbs and sucker growth that rob the rest of the tree of vital nutrients. Through tree redirection, we cut the limbs to redirect its growth and eliminate leaning, as well as canopy raises for mower clearance which also allows more sunlight in to encourage grass growth!

  • Tree Climbing

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  • Bucket Lift Services

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  • Complete Tree Service

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