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Northern Michigan’s Premier Tree Service Company.

  • Bucket Lift Services

    Our bucket lift allows us to complete even the most out of reach jobs and challenges. With the lift we can trim, cut, or survey the site. We can be hired to do many types of jobs outside the tree service business that may need the assistance of a bucket life and operator. These services could include light fixture maintenance, gutter cleaning, roof & chimney repair, painting, many other hard to reach jobs.

    Due to liability and complexity of operation, we DO NOT rent our equipment.

  • Tree Climbing

    Brandon is a Certified Tree Climber and Instructor and has all the equipment to deal with any task at hand. Brandon is also pursuing the ISA Arborist Certification.

  • Tree Trimming

    Among the many things BB’s offers for service, Tree Trimming is one of them. We can eliminate any hazardous and pesky branches that are on your property. With a bucket lift and hard work Brandon can trim most any tree.

  • Complete Tree Service

    From removing trees to spotting harmful plant diseases, we deal with all forms of tree care! When you hire us, you know we’ll take care of the entire job from start to finish!

  • Hazardous Tree Removal

    BB’s Tree Service specializes in Hazardous Tree Removal too! Whether you have trees that have already fallen on a house, shed, fence, or other object or you need to prevent this from happening, we have the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done so you can set you mind at ease and focus on more important things.

  • Stum Grinding & Removal

    As part of our arsenal of services, we also offer Stump Grinding & Removal. From the large 4+ foot diameter Oaks & Maples to the smallest unsightly and dangerous Pines, we can remove them all.

  • Emergency Services

    We offer many types of Emergency Service with fall within our capabilities. Please get ahold of us if there is something we may be able to help with!

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